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Enumerated enucleating effluence


Light gleamed through the trees. Gleamed I guess. Maybe shone? Shone light grepped through the trees. Grabled, gabled. Gobbled up light.

The pit at the bottom of the forest. Charly's pit. Grain Godger's pit of filth and warnings. Signs all around. Skulls here, feral cats there. Touching snakes, half-eaten mammals of all kinds wandering around.

Grain Godger was alright to focus. The headache was crushing his brain in its socket, but he could see, which was a start. The filth all around was starting to come to his nostrils freely. Or rather, his nostrils were letting his brain in on what they'd been smelling all along. When the headache had more of a crushing grasp of his brain, it had choked off the signal from his nose.

Grain retched a little bit. What kind of a moloch hole had he dug himself into? A dark, filthy hole, with a ton of alcohol and some adrenaline. Booze and adrenaline don't mix well. Well, they mix well the night of. The next day, they fight you back, beat you up.

Jesus? How had he even gotten down here? Charly's pit was an awful hole in the middle of the forest at the edge of town. Sometimes kids came out to throw things in and hear them smash at the bottom. No one came to live here, goddammit. How long had it been? Two weeks? Two months?

It had been a while. He'd been in such a haze of alcohol and human hormones he hadn't ever stopped to think about what he was doing. This was a fine mess. He got up from his soiled floor mattress and began walking toward the door of the hut.

Then Godger saw something that made him shudder a bit. Looked like... a human femur. Bloody, sticking out of a pot.

Well alright, best case scenario, he'd made friends with someone with a gangrenous leg. They'd both decided it was time to amputate. Grain had helped him through the pain, helped him saw off his own leg. You know, and some rats, some rats or something got in here and kinda gnawed at the amputated leg. But his friend was ok. The gangrenous leg was gone, and he could survive.

Well, or Grain was a cannibal. Oop. What's that? Behind the pot. Oh, he shouldn't have looked at that. That was definitely a skull. A skull lends a lot more credence to the cannibal hypothesis.

Damn it.

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